We’ve all been on those long road trips with kids. The kind that never seem to end!    These days, there’s an easier way to keep the kids entertained: The rear seat entertainment system on most new cars features wireless headphones and DVD playback capability.  However, finding the right wireless headphones for your car may be a bit tricky.  So, we’ve come up with this simple and easy to use website to help! If you have questions, just shoot us a message via the “leave a comment” section below and we’ll get right back to ya 🙂

Drive safely!

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  1. Ron Jacobs

     /  March 14, 2018

    I have a 2011 Chevy Suburban and the headphones are constantly cutting in and out. We replaced the batteries and also the headphones and still have the same issue. Any guidance would be great.

    • Hmm. A couple of things to try out:
      1) Make sure you are sitting in the rear seat facing the DVD screen. The headphones work via a Line-of-sight to the DVD player. They will not work in the front seats.

      2) Make sure that you have them set to the right channel (there may be a channel switch on the side that says 1/2 or a/b – try both channels).

      3) If all the sets of headphones you have are doing the same thing, it may be that the IR (Infrared) transmitter in your vehicle is broken, damaged, or blocked (maybe the protective glass is scratched or fogged). In that case, you’ll need to visit the dealership for a repair.

      Hope one of these helps point you in the right direction! 🙂


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