User Manual

One of the most frustrating parts about the Chevy Rear Seat Entertainment system is that it doesn’t come with it’s own instructions. To make things a little easier, we’ve included our own instructions for you:


The RSE includes two 2-channel wireless headphones that are dedicated to this system. Channel 1 is dedicated to the DVD player, while Channel 2 is dedicated to RSA selections. These headphones are used to listen to media such as CDs, DVDs, MP3s, DVDAs, radio, any auxiliary source connected to A/V jacks, or the auxiliary input jack, if your vehicle has this feature. The wireless headphones have
an On/Off button, channel 1/2 switch, and a volume control.

If your vehicle has a third row video screen display, it has two additional headphones. Push the power button to turn on the headphones. An indicator light located on the headphones comes on. If the light comes on but there is intermittent sound
and/or static on the headphones, or if the indicator light does not come on, the batteries might need to be replaced. See “Battery Replacement” later in this section for more information. Switch the headphones to Off when not in use. Infrared transmitters are located at the rear of the RSE overhead console. The headphones shut off automatically to save the battery power if the RSE
system and RSA are shut off or if the headphones are out of range of the transmitters for more than three minutes. If you move too far forward or step out of the vehicle, the headphones lose the audio signal. The headphones automatically turn off after four hours of
continuous use.
To adjust the volume on the headphones, use the volume control located on the right side. For optimal audio performance, the headphones must be worn correctly. The symbol L (Left) appears on the upper left side, above the ear pad and should be
positioned on the left ear. The symbol R (Right) appears on the upper right side, above the ear pad and should be positioned on the right ear.

Battery Replacement
To change the batteries on the headphones, do the following:
1. Turn the screw to loosen the battery door located
on the left side of the headphones. Slide the
battery door open.
2. Replace the two batteries in the compartment.
Make sure that they are installed correctly, using
the diagram on the inside of the battery
3. Replace the battery door and tighten the door screw.
If the headphones are to be stored for a long period of
time, remove the batteries and keep them in a cool,
dry place.


Audio Output
Audio from the DVD player or auxiliary inputs can be
heard through the following possible sources:
• Wireless Headphones
• Vehicle Speakers
• Vehicle wired headphone jacks on the rear seat
audio system, if your vehicle has this feature.
The RSE system always transmits the audio signal to the wireless headphones, if there is audio available.
See “Headphones” earlier in this section for more information. The DVD player is capable of outputting audio to the
wired headphone jacks on the RSA system, if your vehicle has this feature. The DVD player can be selected as an audio source on the RSA system.
When a device is connected to the A/V jacks, or the radio’s auxiliary input jack, if your vehicle has this feature, the rear seat passengers are able to hear audio from the auxiliary device through the wireless or wired headphones. The front seat passengers are able to listen to playback from this device through the vehicle speakers by selecting AUX as the source on the radio.

Video Screen
The video screen is located in the overhead console.
To use the video screen, do the following:
1. Push the release button located on the overhead
2. Move the screen to the desired position.
When the video screen is not in use, push it up into its locked position. If a DVD is playing and the screen is raised to its locked
position, the screen remains on, this is normal, and the DVD continues to play through the previous audio source. Use the remote control power button or eject the disc to turn off the screen. The overhead console contains the infrared transmitters
for the wireless headphones and the infrared receivers for the remote control. They are located at the rear of the console.
Notice: Avoid directly touching the video screen, as damage may occur. See “Cleaning the Video Screen” later in this section for more information.



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